Choosing a pool heat pump in Adelaide

With the climate in Adelaide if you have a pool using a quality and efficient pool heat pump can be a very good way to heat your pool. A pool heat pump works by extracting heat from the air and transferring to the water in your pool.

What size pool heat pump do I need?

This is a question we get asked often “what size pool heat pump do I need?”. The answer to that question is we need to undertake a full heating evaluation to work out the proper size and best fit of heat pump. The information that is required can include:

  • Is your pool in a residential or commercial setting;
  • When would you like to heat your pool;
  • What temperature would you like your pool to be;
  • How big is your pool;
  • Does your pool have an infinity edge;
  • Is your pool shaded;
  • Do you have a pool cover;
  •  What colour is your pool;
  •  Do you have any limitations on when the heat pump can run;
  •  Do you have a solar PV system;
  • Do you have a pool control/ automation system.

Can I use power from my Solar PV to run my pool heat pump?

Yes you can. Our pool heat pumps have an inbuilt input that can be used with an external control system to operate. If you have a a solar inverter with a management system your pool heat pump can be controlled by that.

What are the benefits of our pool heat pumps?

The Pool heat pumps we supply and install are built with efficiency and simplicity in mind, From the super efficient “Summer Eco” season extender to the all year round “Elite Silent” pool heat pumps, they are the perfect solution for energy conscious minds.

Summer Eco Pool Heat Pump

Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind these super efficient season extenders are perfect for energy conscious minds. With built in low energy and night time mode efficiency is increased by up to 20%. With WiFi as standard you can switch your pool temperature and timers from wherever you are. With state of the art anti-corrosion casing built to last you can be sure your pool stays warm season after season.

  • Greater affordability with high efficiency and low daily running costs.
  • The most effective and consistent heating option
  • Australian working temperature range from -10℃ to 45℃
  • Automatic reverse cycle frost protection
  • Easy to install – 1 day max
  • WiFi as standard
  • Anti-corrosion ABS casing
  • 25 Year Warranty on heat exchanger
  • 4 year warranty on all parts
  • Extremely energy efficient with an average C.O.P of 8
  • Inverter compressor and fan
  • Six models up to 25 kW in single phase
  • Quieter than on/off technology 
  • Easy to use controller
  • Slim design
  • Heat and cool option
  •  Front discharge air outlet
  • Reverse cycle defrost down to -15˚C
  • Built-in flow switch and safety devices
  • Newest most eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
  • TüV Rheinland certified
Summer Eco Pool heat pump from Adelaide Heat Pumps
Summer Eco Pool Heat Pump

Elite Silent Pool Heat Pump

The Elite Silent Series comprises of all the best you can ask for in a pool heater. Utilising the newest inverter technology, it creates world class efficiencies and runs quieter than any other unit with its patented back discharge design. This unit stands high above the rest and looks amazing next to your designer pool. With unit size achieving a massive 26kW in single phase you can be sure to heat your pool all-year round.

  • Average COP of 10 with 90% free energy
  • Simple classic touch controller and smart Wi-Fi control as standard
  • 11 dB(A) lower than a traditional heat pump – as quiet as a fridge
  • Low carbon footprint reducing your energy bill drastically 
  • Designed and built for Australian conditions -10℃ to 45℃
  • Automatic reverse cycle frost protection
  • Easy to install – 1 day max
  • 4 year warranty (with a 25 year warranty on the Titanium Heat Exchanger)
  • Full inverter stepless compressor and fan
  • Sleek designer look
  • Six models up to 26 kW in single phase 
  • Three phase 26kW model
  • Patented silent design
  • High quality anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casing
  • Intuitive touch screen display
  • Wi-Fi as standard 
  • Heat and cool option 
  • Reverse discharge air outlet 
  • Automatic defrost function 
  • Built-in flow switch and safety devices
  • Newest most eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
  • Three coil evaporator for a more compact unit size
  • TüV Rheinland certified
Silent Elite Pool Heat Pump from Adelaide Heat Pump
Elite Silent Pool Heat Pump

If you are ready to make the change to a pool heat pump fill in your details below

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Jonathen Hindry owner of Adelaide Heat Pumps
Jonathen Hindry

About the Author

With a background in plumbing and gas fitting and keen interest in renewable technologies Jonathen draws on his over 20 years experience in the construction industry to help promote and deliver truly efficient space conditioning, hot water and pool heating solutions that remove/reduce our reliance on the consumption of fossil fuels and also make better use of renewably generated electricity. With a focus on utilising Natures RENEWABLE thermal energy and the reuse of thermal energy currently wasted, Jonathen promotes the adoption of the latest in heat pump technologies to deliver a complete solution to his clients.

Jonathen is the Owner of Adelaide Heat Pumps and Adelaide Geoexchange


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