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Reclaim Energy V2 controller with WIFI

With the release of the Reclaim Energy V2 heat pump early in 2023 it saw the announcement that the release of a Wifi controller was not far away. With the release coming very soon we have put together an initial overview to explain some of the functionality available. 

With Reclaim Energy being leaders in providing quality and efficient Co2 hot water heat pumps to the Australian market this new release controller fits well with their focus on not just sitting with a good product but constantly progressing their offerings.

The Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water heat pump was the first system to offer of an external controller on a Co2 heat pump in the market where other units included an internal block out timer which gave the end user limited control over their heat pump.

Reclaim Energy Co2 heat pump controllers
Reclaim Energy Co2 Hot water heat pump controllers

From the V1 to the V1.1 controller

When the Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water heat pump was released to the market it came with the V1 controller. This allowed users to set the time when the heat pump will operate, this makes it a great fit to self consume electricity generated on site from solar PV.

The V1 controller has since be superseded by the V1.1 unit. The V1.1 controller will stay as a manual only offering and be available alongside the V2.

To see an overview of the V1.1 controller the video below shows the operation.

The new V2 controller with Wifi

Like the superseded V1 controller and the current V1.1 controller the V2 allows you to access the full functionality of the Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water heat pump. The difference with the V2 controller is that it introduces Wifi functionality with a smartphone app and also a few more functions to give the user further control.

Below we will go over the app and the functionality of the controller.


The Reclaim Energy APP

The Reclaim Energy V2 controller is externally accessible with a smartphone app. These are avaiable to download from either the Apple app store or the Google play store depending on your device make.

Links to respective apps:

Apple app store app

Google play store app

Reclaim Energy V2 controller APP

In the screen shots below we can see the functionality of the app including setting the heat pump option including setting of option 5 and 6 parameters and also the trends and history of hot water temperatures and energy use.

Reclaim Energy APP

The controller functions

As mentioned above the V2 controller does share some functionality with the V1.1 controller with the extra user accessible settings. Below are the settings that are accessible in the controller and the APP. 

           Fixed settings:

  • Option 1: 24 hours- continuous
  • Option 2: 9 hours (off-peak mode 1: 10p.m-7 a.m.) 
  • Option 3: 19 hours (off-peak mode 2: 10p.m.-5 p.m.)
  • Option 4: 6 hours (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

           User adjustable settings:

  • Option 5: Two time-blocks – first must set for a minimum of 3 hours and second can be set as little as 0 hours! Additionally, the turn on temperature can be adjusted for the second time block (i.e., default is 37°C)

  • Option 6: Two time-blocks – first must set for a minimum of 3 hours and second can be set as little as 0 hours! Additionally, both turn on temperature and turn off temperatures can be adjusted for the second time block (i.e., default is 37°C & 59°C, respectively.)

    External input settings:

  • Option 7: One shot boost is activated by a dry contact/modbus signal from home management or PV inverters or dry contact smart switches. This is called “Remote” option Additionally, a time clock should be adjusted for when the signal is not received by the controller in the 18-hour cycle (i.e. this is to ensure the legionella bacterial growth is controlled in a 24 hour cycle

            Boost button:

  • + A quick boost button run the heat pump for the maximum of 6 hours to provide quick hot water delivery


Is my Reclaim Energy heat pump compatible?

Where the previous V1 and V1.1 controllers are compatible with all models of Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water heat pump the new V2 controller is only compatible with the V2 heat pump that was released early this year. 

To check if your heat pump is a V2 unit you can check the heat pump data plate which shows the model number. The V2 model will have the model number as EHPE-4550P-A, the previous heat pump had a model number was EHPE-4540P.

The V2 heat pump also has a modbus wiring connection under the end cover of the heat pump below the PCB where the current controllers with RJ-45 plug connects.

Reclaim Energy EHPE-4550P-A
Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water heat pump Modbus connection

Find out more about the Reclaim Energy Co2 heat pump

The Reclaim energy CO2 Heat pump has been developed by one of Australia’s leading hot water equipment companies in partnership with Japan’s leading heat pump manufacturer to create one of the most efficient and smartest heat pumps to the market.

With excellent cold weather performance characteristics and no need for a boosting element to supplement heating for your hot water the Reclaim energy CO2 Heat pump is the perfect way to heat your hot water all over South Australia. Plus it boasts being one of the quietest systems on the market with a whisper quiet functionality having an average noise level: 37 dB . So no annoying noise for you or your neighbours

Find out more about the Reclaim Energy Co2 heat pump here.


Reclaim Energy Co2 heat pump installed in Adelaide

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