Do you want an environmentally friendly hot water system that saves you money?​

Save money on reliable and efficient Hot Water with the magic of a quality hot water heat pump!

All of us want hot water on tap that doesn’t cost the earth to create. That is why we recommend the use of a hot water heat pump instead of a gas storage, gas continuous flow, solar or electric storage hot water system in your home. Did you know that a heat pump extracts renewable thermal (heat) energy from the air and transfers it to the water in the storage tank ready for you to use when needed.

Just like an air conditioning system you use to heat your home a hot water heat pump extracts FREE renewable thermal (heat) energy from the air and transfers it to the water in the hot water tank. To undertake this process the hot water heat pump uses electricity. 

The great thing (aka magic) of a quality heat pump is that you get out more than you put in. In the below example you will see that we have 1 kW of electricity going into the heat pump, it is extracting 4 kW of free heat from the air and then transferring 5 kW of heat to your hot water. In this example that would mean we have a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 5.  A heat pump is one of only things that you can put something in (electricity) and get a greater return from (heat energy).

Example of hot water heat pump COP

Our quality residential hot water heat pumps solutions

At Adelaide Heat Pumps we have taken the guess work out of choosing the best quality and most efficient hot water heat pump solutions available on the market today.  All of our hot water heat pumps are from reputable suppliers, have solid warranties and utilise natural Co2 or R290 refrigerant. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have got the best!

Reclaim Energy Co2 heat pump V2

Reclaim Energy Co2

Available in 160, 250, 315 and 400 litre

The highest quality and efficiency of our heat pump range. With it’s Japanese designed and built heat pump unit and Australian made tanks the Reclaim Energy system is the best of the best!

Supplied and installed from $5900

Apricus all in one heat pump - Adelaide Heat Pumps


Available in 260 litre

A solid offering in the hot water heat pump space this unit is brought to the market by an Australian leader in hot water, Apricus who have been operating in the space for our 30 years.

Supplied and installed from $2900

Hydrotherm Dynamic X8

Dynamic X8

Available in 260 litre

A quality all in one hot water heat pump from Aquatech, A company formed in 2009 focused on the development and delivery of quality hot water heat pumps to the Australian market

Supplied and installed from $2900

Aquatech Rapid:X6 Adelaide Heat Pumps

Rapid X6

Available in 210 litre

It may be the smallest all in one heat pump in our offerings at only 210 litres but this quality little unit is great for small homes and units. The smaller sibling of the Aquatherm Rapid X8 

Supplied and installed from $2350

Pricing dependant on installation conditions, existing system and applicable rebates

Our Process

Give us a call, send us an email or fill in our online quote portal form with all the details of your hot water requirements.

Once we have your details we will send you a quote via email for you to review, ask any questions or accept.

When you have accepted your quote we will be in touch to lock in your installation date. Now you can sit back and relax knowing you are on the way to your quality and efficient hot water heat pump.

What do we require for a quote?

To make it as easy as possible to get a new hot water heat pump quote from Adelaide Heat Pumps we have created an online portal to gather the information we require for a quote at a time that is convenient to you. When you access our online portal you will be asked to enter details about your hot water requirements. We also ask that you attach a photo of your current hot water system, where you would like the new unit located and also a photo of your fuse board.

Don’t worry if you don’t have these to hand at the time of submitting the quote form, our office will be in touch to gather the further information that we require.

Quote form Adelaide heat pumps
Access our online quote form and enter as many details as you can
Old electric hot water tank - Adelaide Heat pumps
In our form you can attach a picture of your existing hot water system - if applicable
Existing fuse board
In our form you can attach a picture of your existing electrical fuse board

What is required for the heat pump install?

If you choose to proceed with a heat pump hot water system there are a few requirements that need to be met.

  • Clear access to the site where the heat pump will be located,
  • Enough space for the unit and the required airflow,
  • Access to hot and cold water pipework,
  • Access to run a cable from the heat pump location to your fuse board (if required),
  • Space in your fuse board for a new breaker,
  • A sewer gully or access to a sewer pipe to run the relief valve drains to.
If you are unsure about any of these things feel free to ask us.

Contact us for a quote

Call now on 08 8312 5969, send us an email or press the button below to get advice and a quote on a heat pump system that suits your needs.

Reasons you will want a Heat Pump from Adelaide Heat Pumps

  • Is you hot water going cold? 
  • Don’t want to have cold showers?
  •  Is there water coming out of your hot water system?
  • Has the case split on your hot water tank? 
  • Are your hot water heating costs very high? 
  • Do you want cheaper hot water?  
  • Do you want to use your Solar PV to heat your hot water?
  • Do you want to use up to 80% less electricity for you hot water?
  • Want to get off gas?
  • Do you want to use natures renewable energy to heat your hot water?
  • Hot Water heat pumps kept in stock in Adelaide
  • 5 star reviewed service
If you answered yes to any of the above questions we can help you replace you old hot water system with a new heat pump Hot Water system Adelaide! 

Adelaide Heat Pumps can supply you with a quality and efficient heat pump hot water system Adelaide. If your hot water in not working we can help. We can swap your electric hot water system, gas hot water system, solar hot water system for one of our efficient hot water heat pumps. Our focus is on providing only the best quality hot water solutions. 

Start saving money on your hot water heating today.

Do you have Solar PV? You could be heating your hot water for free by using power generated onsite by your solar PV. Adelaide Heat Pumps can provide a hot water heat pump with a timer so that you can set when it heats.

SAVE money on your hot water starting today!

Call now on 08 8312 5969 to get advice on a heat pump system that suits your needs.