The Silent Elite has been superseded by the new Elite V3

The Elite Silent Series Pool Heat Pump

  • Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant
  • Wi-Fi as standard
  • Whisper quiet
  • Super Efficient
  • Low operating Costs
  • Up to 28 kW in single phase
  •  35 kW 3 phase unit available 
Silent Elite Pool Heat Pump from Adelaide Heat Pump

If you have a pool in Adelaide or anywhere in South Australia you no longer need to fear the cold. The Elite Silent Heat Pump range has been specially designed to heat your swimming pool whilst efficiently using electricity. 

The Elite Silent Series comprises of all the best you can ask for in a pool heater. Utilising the newest inverter technology, it creates world class efficiencies and runs quieter than any other unit with its patented back discharge design. This unit stands high above the rest and looks amazing next to your designer pool. With unit size achieving a massive 28 kW in single phase you can be sure to heat your pool all-year round.

Inverter technology allows the swimming pool heat pump to reach an extremely high COP compared with normal on/off style heat pumps in the market. The unique inverter technology reduces the speed of the unit as it reaches the desired temperature. This greatly saves on energy and enables you to enjoy swimming quicker and at a constant temperature. By utilising R32 Gas as a Refrigerant you will enjoy higher efficiency . This means quicker heating times and less energy used to heat up your pool. With Wifi control as standard you can change the temperature of your pool or turn the heating on or off from anywhere in the world.

Why choose the Elite Silent Series?

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