The Elite VS Inverter pool pump

  • Real time active energy monitor
  • Optimal and ongoing energy efficiency
  • Perfect pairing with Madimack’s Pool Heaters, automatically balancing the optimal flow rates for both
Madimack Elite VS Inverter pool pump

The ELITE VS Inverter Pool Pump eFLOW Series is the essential tool to maximise efficiencies and minimise running costs across your pool system.  Quiet and efficient, the pump is designed with advanced Inverter Technology for intuitive ongoing ‘energy savings’.  It includes built-in Adaptive Flow capacity, Sound Shield Technology and premium hardware, making the unit a mecca for energy savings across your pool system. With additional product features and a unique interface, the ELITE VS eFLOW pump is engineered to enhance your complete pool system.

Energy cost savings chart

Elite VS pool pump savings

Elite VS Inverter pool pump features

Elite VS pool pump features

Elite VS Inverter pool pump features

Elite VS pool pump specifications

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