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With the cold and rain of winter moving away and the warmer weather now approaching  it is time to start thinking about getting your pool ready for the upcoming swimming season. A major consideration is how you heat your pool. 

In the past most pools where heated by solar or gas but with advances in technology heat pumps have now become a leading choice to efficiently heat your pool in Adelaide and South Australia.

Not only can a heat pump provide you with a warm pool, a quality heat pump can also save you money. At Adelaide Heat Pumps we have teamed up with market leaders Madimack to bring their range of quality, quiet and efficient pool heat pumps to the South Australian market. 

Find out below why a Madimack pool heat pump may be the solution you are looking for!


The Magic of a pool heat pump

A pool heat pump is a clever device that can save you money on your pool heating.

A heat pump works in the same way as your air conditioner, except were your air conditioner extracts thermal (heat) energy from the air and transfers it to your home, a pool heat pump extracts this same thermal energy and transfers it to the water in your pool.

 The benefit of using a heat pump is that for every 1 kW of power you put in, you can get up to 10 kW of heat energy from your heat pump and into your pool.

The Madimack difference:

Madimack is 100% Australian owned and operated, providing energy efficient systems, services and solutions to manufacturing, healthcare, government facilities, and homes nationwide. We have always been big when it comes to heating and cooling buildings efficiently, and now we are bringing that expertise to your pool environment, too. We strive for reliability, durability, and energy efficiency, and promise you the highest quality by providing the longest pool heat pump warranty on the market.

Personalised pool heating evaluation

As part of our process in helping you choose the best pool heat pump we undertake a heating evaluation for you.

This helps you to understand the best size heat pump to match your pool, an idea of operational cost and also information about installation.

Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Older pool heat pumps commonly used R410A as a refrigerant, The Madimack Elite Silent, Summer Eco and Eclipse models all use more modern Eco Friendly R32 instead. 

R32 in non ozone depleting and also has a global warming potential 68% times less than R410A.

As more appliances move away from using R410A, parts and refrigerant gas can become harder to get and the price increases. Moving to an appliance with R32 today can give you peace of mind that if you require and future servicing parts and refrigerant will be readily available.


WIFI APP control

Every Madimack Pool heat pump comes with WIFI control as standard. By connecting the heat pump to your homes Wifi network you can control your heat pump with the dedicated phone App from anywhere in the world. With the option to set timers this gives you ultimate control.

A full range to suit your needs

With a full range of heat pumps with varying output levels we will have a solution to suit your pool. By using energy efficient R32 as a refrigerant and having Wifi App control as standard these heat pumps are leaders in their field.  

Elite Silent Pool Heat Pump
Summer Eco Pool Heat Pump
Madimack Top discharge pool heat pump

Recent Pool heat pump installs in South Australia

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