Heat Pump Financial Incentives for the City Of Adelaide

 As part of an effort in Adelaide to reduce carbon emissions from the City community and conserve energy, water and natural resources, City of Adelaide is providing reimbursements for the installation of water and energy saving devices for properties within our Council boundaries. The Sustainability Incentives Scheme has been co-funded by the Government of South Australia since 2015 as one of the actions contributing to our shared goal to be one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities.

As part of this scheme you are able to receive up to 25% of the installation cost of a heat pump back with a maximum rebate of $1000 when you you replace an existing electric instantaneous or electric storage water heater with a heat pump. 

Below we have posted the requirements that the City of Adelaide council require you to abide by:

Hot Water system eligibility:

  • Read this information about how hot water systems might require a Development Approval (D.A.). If you do require a D.A., Council will waive fees. Contact Development Assessment team during business hours on 8203 7185 to discuss installations.
  • Hot water systems must be eligible under the Australian Government Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) for the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).


  • Hot water systems that are part of the base building or common property of multistorey office buildings.

Details from ACC website:

Adelaide City Council Heat Pump Incentives to change from electric instantaneous or electric storage

 Even though your home or business may not meet the requirements contact us today to find out more about how a heat pump hot water system could help you save money and also reduce your carbon emissions or visit to Adelaide City Sustainable City Incentives Scheme Website Click Here

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