Hot Water Heat Pumps in the Adelaide Hills

Often we hear that people have chosen to go with Gas continuous flow or an electric storage hot water heater in Adelaide Hills due to thinking or being told that a heat pump will not work. The reason behind that action is often that they have heard a horror story from a family member or friend that has had a heat pump hot water system in the past that didn’t deliver on the stated efficiencies or failed in a short time.

Unfortunately like any industry that have their good and not so good products, the heat pump industry is no different. 

What should I look for in a heat pump?

When you are in need of a new hot water system (often when your old one is broken) you start to research on a replacement hot water service. When you start searching for heat pumps all sorts of products come up leaving you confused on which way to go.

Some things to consider when looking at a heat pump are:

  1. What is the warranty like?
  2. What refrigerant does it use?
  3. Does it really handle low air temperatures?
  4. Does it need an electrical element backup?
  5. How noisy are they?
  6. Does it have a timer/controller?


Why are our heat pumps different?

When we set out on the journey to create Adelaide Heat Pumps we knew that we wanted to offer quality and efficient heat pumps.  Due to being based in the Adelaide Hills we focused on making sure the heat pumps we would offer would suit the Adelaide Hills climate and in doing that knew that they would also be suitable for the milder climate down the hill. Our two residential heat pump offerings will heat water even at low outdoor air temperatures with the Reclaim Energy heat pump working down to -10 deg c and the Stiebel Eltron working down to -5 deg c. 

Reclaim Energy Co2 Hot Water Heat Pump installed in Woodville, Adelaide

Heat Pumps work well in the Adelaide Hills

Can we change to a heat pump?

Even if you have gas (LPG or Natural) or electric storage hot water heating this can be converted over to a heat pump. At the heat pump location you will require water (hot and cold pipework), Power and a drain point. Most of which are normally available or not too far away. Pipework can be extended if you wish to move your hot water unit.

What is the best heat pump for me?

This will depend on a number factors including space, amount of hot water required and your location. Adelaide Heat Pumps is happy to undertake a free site visit to help you with heat pump selection. To book a site visit please contact us.


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