Hot Water Heat Pumps. What Rebates are Available in South Australia?

Moving to a quality and efficient hot water heat pump system can cost more than installing a conventional hot water system. To help make the shift you may have access to one or multiple rebates to help reduce the out of pocket expense. 

At Adelaide Heat Pumps we offer the eligible rebates as an upfront discount to further help you make the transition to a low energy future.

Rebates for hot water heat pumps Adelaide


Small-scale technology certificates, or STCs, are a tradable commodity attached to eligible installations of renewable energy systems (including solar panels, solar water heaters and heat pumps).

Under the Federal Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), when you install an eligible system, you may claim a set number of these STCs.

What is an STC worth?

The financial value of an STC is dependent on the supply of and demand for STCs. As a result this value can be variable from day to day. They generally sit between $32 and $36 each. With our Reclaim Energy hot water heat pumps having 32 STC’s that can equate to a discount of up to $1150.

How many STC’s does a hot water heat pump system have ?
The number of STCs within each zone are subject to AS/NZS standards or methodology change. To confirm current STC numbers on our heat pump range contact us or please visit the Australian Government Office of Clean Energy Regulator website. STCs are subject to meeting eligibility and conditions

REES Rebate:

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is a South Australian Government energy efficiency scheme that provides incentives for South Australian households and businesses to save energy. It does this through establishing energy efficiency and audit targets to be met by electricity and gas retailers. Our Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water Heat Pumps installed in South Australia, via a retro fit approach, (replacing existing electric hot water systems in residential homes that are not connected to a reticulated gas network.) are eligible for a rebate of $834. 

Adelaide City Council heat pump rebate:

The Adelaide City council have additional rebates available that can be used with the STC rebate to further reduce the cost of your heat pup system. Eligible properties may apply for the following water heater upgrade rebates:

1.   25% of installed cost up to a maximum of $1,000 for Upgrade to heat pump boosted solar, Heat pump hot water system or Installing a new heat pump hot water system on a new development. 

DOWNLOAD: Hot Water Systems Rebate Application Form (PDF) 

Hot Water system eligibility:

  • Read this information about how hot water systems might require a Development Approval (D.A.). If you do require a D.A., Council will waive fees. Contact Development Assessment team during business hours on 8203 7185 to discuss installations.
  • Hot water systems must be eligible under the Australian Government Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) for the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).


  • Hot water systems that are part of the base building or common property of multi storey office buildings

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Jonathen Hindry owner of Adelaide Heat Pumps
Jonathen Hindry

About the Author

With a background in plumbing and gas fitting and keen interest in renewable technologies Jonathen draws on his over 20 years experience in the construction industry to help promote and deliver truly efficient space conditioning, hot water and pool heating solutions that remove/reduce our reliance on the consumption of fossil fuels and also make better use of renewably generated electricity. With a focus on utilising Natures RENEWABLE thermal energy and the reuse of thermal energy currently wasted, Jonathen promotes the adoption of the latest in heat pump technologies to deliver a complete solution to his clients.

Jonathen is the Owner of Adelaide Heat Pumps and Adelaide Geoexchange


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