Quality and energy efficient heat pumps for your home

Adelaide Heat Pumps is focused on delivery only the best quality and energy efficient heat pumps for your home. Our solutions include hot water heat pumps and pool heat pumps that will provide you with the level of comfort you desire with peace of mind. We can help you to reduce your energy use, help you to self consume on site generated electricity from your solar Pv and also disconnect from gas. It’s time to future proof you’re home.

Energy efficient hot water

With our quality and efficient hot water heat pumps you can enjoy knowing that your hot water costs are lower than ever! All year round our heat pump solutions preform.
Hot Water

Energy efficient pool heating

With our quality and efficient pool heat pump solutions we can help you extend the swimming season of your pool or even heat your pool all year round.
Pool Heat

We have chosen only the best!

Our promise: If we wouldn’t install it on our own home we won’t install it on yours, its that simple. 

That is why unlike many other hot water and pool heat pump suppliers we don’t offer every manufactures heat pumps on the market and if a heat pump isn’t what you are looking for or you are not sure yet we are not going to down sell you to another system just to make a sale. 

  We don’t offer electric storage systems, we don’t offer solar hot water systems, we don’t offer solar pool heating systems  and we definatly don’t offer gas hot water or pool heating systems. What we do offer is tried and tested heat pumps that will give you peace of mind and save you money now and into the future. For that above reason we are proud to stand behind the products we offer due to the quality and efficiencies. 

Reasons you may want a Heat Pump from Adelaide Heat Pumps

  • Is you hot water going cold? 
  • Don’t want to have cold showers?
  •  Is there water coming out of your hot water system?
  • Has the case split on your hot water tank? 
  • Are your hot water heating costs very high? 
  • Do you want cheaper hot water?  
  • Do you want to use your Solar PV to heat your hot water?
  • Do you want to use up to 80% less electricity for you hot water?
  • Want to get off gas?
  • Do you want to use natures renewable energy to heat your hot water?
  • Hot Water heat pumps kept in stock in Adelaide
  • Is your pool heater broken?
  • Do you need to free up roof space for Solar PV?
  • Do you want to use your solar PV to heat your hot water and pool?
  • 5 star reviewed service
If you answered yes to any of the above questions we can help you a quality hot water or pool heat pump Adelaide! 

Adelaide Heat Pumps can supply you with a quality and efficient heat pump hot water or pool heating system Adelaide. If your pool heating or hot water is not working we can help. We can swap your electric hot water system, gas hot water system, solar hot water system, gas pool heating, solar pool heating for one of our efficient hot water or pool heat pumps. Our focus is on providing only the best quality hot water and pool heating solutions. 

Start saving money on your hot water and pool heating today.

Do you have Solar PV? You could be heating your hot water or pool for free by using power generated onsite by your solar PV. Adelaide Heat Pumps can provide a hot water heat pump or pool heat pump with a timer so that you can set when it heats.

SAVE money on your hot water and pool heating starting today!

Call now on 0466 533 983 to get advice on a heat pump system that suits your needs.