Trading your heat pump STC’s

What is an STC?

STCs, or Small-scale Technology Certificates, are a commodity that you can use for trade. You can obtain these certificates when you purchase a renewable energy system. Currently, when you install one of these pieces of equipment, heat pump hot water systems included, you can claim STCs.

Who many STC's does a heat pump have?

The amount of STC’s a system has is worked out based on the electricity that is generated or displaced by a system. Heat pump hot water systems can reduce – or displace – the amount of electricity your household requires from the grid. 

The number of megaWatt hours of electricity offset over 9 years will determine the number of STCs you receive. The more efficient the heat pump the more STC’s there will be.

Reclaim Energy Heat Pump controller

What are my STCs worth?

This will depend on where you choose to trade your STC’s. Most good installers will offer to trade your STC’s on you behalf and give you an upfront discount on your hot water heat pump system.

Typically STC’s are worth $35 to $39 each.

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Jonathen Hindry owner of Adelaide Heat Pumps
Jonathen Hindry

About the Author

With a background in plumbing and gas fitting and keen interest in renewable technologies Jonathen draws on his over 20 years experience in the construction industry to help promote and deliver truly efficient space conditioning, hot water and pool heating solutions that remove/reduce our reliance on the consumption of fossil fuels and also make better use of renewably generated electricity. With a focus on utilising Natures RENEWABLE thermal energy and the reuse of thermal energy currently wasted, Jonathen promotes the adoption of the latest in heat pump technologies to deliver a complete solution to his clients.

Jonathen is the Owner of Adelaide Heat Pumps and Adelaide Geoexchange


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