Understanding the SA REPS rebate scheme

Understanding the SA REPS rebate scheme

What is the SA REPS scheme?

The manner in which we utilise energy and the expenses we incur for it have a profound impact on our society, economy, and environment. The South Australian government initiated a program over 10 years ago aimed at supporting households and businesses in reducing their energy expenses. 

The Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) is an initiative of the South Australian government designed to assist households and businesses in reducing their energy costs. 

The scheme is administered by The Essential Services Commission also know as ESCOSA 

Find out more on the ESCOSA website

What activities can be undertaken under the scheme?

There are a number of activities that can be undertaken under the REPS scheme including upgrading of old fridges to newer energy efficient models, upgrading home insulation and upgrading your hot water system to an energy efficient hot water heat pump.

For a full list of REPS activities available visit the ESCOSA website REPS activities page here

Who do I contact to find out what is available to me?

To find out what your are eligible for under the REPS scheme you will need to contact an organisation that is authorised to deliver the activities listed. 

For a full list of obliged retailers and activity providers that can deliver the activities listed visit the obliged retailers and activity providers page on the ESCOSA webpage

At Adelaide Heat Pumps when we undertake an activity of upgrading a homes hot water system to an energy efficient hot water heat pump we work with YESS to handle all compliance, paperwork and payments under the REPS scheme. 

Who is eligible?

All South Australian households and businesses can take part in the REPS. Your participation in the scheme is voluntary.

Some REPS activities may require a minimum co-payment of $33 (including GST) to be paid once per premises. This co-payment does not apply to priority group households.

Who is a priority group households?

  • a valid SA Government concession card OR
  • a residential tenancy agreement with the landlord and the rent being $400 or less per week OR 
  • a SA Gov Electricity Bill Concession OR
  • a referral from a SA registered Financial Counselor OR
  • participates in a Retailer Hardship Program 
Further more priority group households can receive greater financial help when undertaking REPS activities 
Gas hot water to heat pump REPS rebate
A recent change over from a gas hot water system to a Reclaim Energy Co2 hot water heat pump. We utilised the REPS rebate to give the client an even bigger saving

What REPS discount can I get off a heat pump hot water system from Adelaide Heat Pumps?

If you have no gas connected to your property or we are disconnecting the gas on the same day as installing your hot water heat pump the REPS rebate amount is $847 plus GST.

If you fulfil the above requirements to be a priority group household you will get an extra $113.00 plus GST.

If your home still has gas connected you can still get the REPS rebate just a lesser amount of approx. $245 plus GST

With all heat pump installations you will also be eligible for the federal STC rebates giving even bigger savings.

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